Dedicated internet access (DIA) is a type of internet connectivity service that provides businesses with a dedicated, uncontested connection to the internet. Unlike shared internet access, which is provided over a shared network infrastructure, DIA gives businesses exclusive access to a specific amount of bandwidth that is dedicated solely to their use.
In today’s digital age, businesses rely heavily on their internet connectivity to operate effectively. Slow or unreliable internet can negatively impact productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue. This is where dedicated internet comes in. 

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Dedicated internet access works by providing businesses with a dedicated, uncontested connection to the internet. This connection is delivered over a high capacity fiber optic line, which offers high-speed and reliable connectivity.
The service is also protected with a service level agreement (SLA), which outlines the quality of service and guarantees the level of performance that the service provider will deliver. 
Dedicated internet access is typically suited for large bandwidth requirements and situations where content or servers are hosted by the customer. It is very popular in Hotels, Healthcare, Government, Security and Financial sectors.
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