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Viacloud BusinessInternet is ideal for high bandwidth internet service applications to support large businesses with large number of users.

This is a symmetric link over wireless technology and provides your Business with an internet connection that is flexible, secure, and scalable to meet your changing requirements.

How does it work?

Viacloud BusinessInternet is a wireless technology based internet service.We deliver a high bandwidth wireless link from our point of presence (POP) to your office. Once this link is in place, we then provision the required additional hardware and cabling to provision the service.

The service is provided as an ethernet based WAN connection and connects to your WAN router. This solution is inherently designed to be a managed service where Viacloud team takes care of user profiling and ensuring each team gets the right access level and speed to the internet along with managing firewalls, VPNS, and quality of service enforcement.

Below illustration shows how the service is deployed transparently:

BusinessInternet pic
B internet red pic

Key Benefits

  Symmetric (Upload/Download)

  Delivery on Wireless

  On-Demand Bandwidth Option

  Secure Connection

  High Bandwidth Packages

  In-Built User Profiling

  Save upto 70% on bills

How to signup?

Once we receive your application, our support team will complete the service activation process in approximately 15 working days.

We need the following documents from your side:

  Application Form

  CR Copy

B internet Grey pic
B Internet pic

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