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Viacloud BusinessMPLS is ideal for running mission critical service applications and supporting large numbers of users.

As this link is not shared between users, it provides your Business with an internet or data connection that is reliable, secure and dependable. We can provide connections up to 1Gbps, which is the fastest in Bahrain.

Viacloud BusinessMPLS caters to a wide span of satisfied corporate clients in various industries like banking, government, embassies, hospitality, airlines, travel agents, hotels, logistic and oil/gas related industries.

With BusinessMPLS, you can enhance your business’ efficiency and increase productivity multi-fold.

How does it work?

Viacloud BusinessMPLS is a Leased Line based access service. We work with Batelco to deliver high bandwidth fiber links from our data center to your offices.

Once the links are in place, we then provision the required VLAN IDs to activate your service. The service is provided as an ethernet based WAN connection and connects to your WAN router and is usually deployed on Layer 3.

Below illustration shows how the service is deployed:

BusinessP2P MPLS
B Mpls red pic

Key Benefits

  Delivery on Fiber

  High Availability Design

  Secure Connection

  Multiple IP Address

  Save upto 50% on bills

How to signup?

Once we receive your application, our support team will complete the service activation process in approximately 3 working days.

We need the following documents from your side:

  Application Form

  CR Copy

B MPLS Grey pic

Connecting Your World

Viacloud is a leading multi-national telecom operator providing voice, data and value-added services in the Middle East.



Our Head Office is located at:
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Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
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