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Viacloud Carrier Services has been a leading wholesale service provider and fast developing prominent Business service provider in Middle East region.Our network spans multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) in Bahrain and Jordan and are expanding further as we grow.

With over 50 wholesale voice interconnects we have multiple tiers of connectivity available to most countries in the world and we are interested in bilateral traffic exchange for any business opportunities.We offer many direct routes to our Partners, who range from large telecom companies to smaller retail operators.

By avoiding the global rush to deal with A – Z termination, we focus on quality routes which are expanding rapidly.Due to our Business and Retail presence in the Middle East, we have had hands-on understanding of the wholesale telecom markets and how to add value to our Partners.

Viacloud operates a multi-location next-generation telecom network and our technical team is staffed 24×7. This ensures that our response time is minimum in case of any issues. Viacloud network supports all modes of establishing and terminating voice calls from our partners.To know more and discuss wholesale voice exchange, please contact us.


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Viacloud is a leading multi-national telecom operator providing voice, data and value-added services in the Middle East.



Our Head Office is located at:
8th Floor, NBB Tower
Government Avenue
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Phone: + 973 6500 5500
Web: www.viacloud.com