Viacloud BusinessMobile is an automated cost saving voice solution for businesses calls from mobile phones. BusinessMobile service allows you to use Viacloud as the default operator for making all international calls from smart phones.

Once the Viacloud app is installed, you can send all international calls via our network.

For most phones, calls can be made as usual without any special prefix or programming requirements.

How does it work?

Viacloud BusinessMobile is a 2 stage calling service. By signing up for this service, we register your mobile number in our system and activate your account.

Once the service is activated, you can install our app which automatically dials the required toll free number, followed by the destination number to make international calls using this service.

For andriod phones the app works transparently in the background and you can use your phone as usual. For iPhone users you need to open the app and make a call from the phone book or dialpad.

All international calls made from your mobile phone are sent to Viacloud, and are delivered to the destination over our Next Generation Network (NGN).

Below illustration shows how the service is deployed:

BusinessMobile pic
BM red pic

 Key Benefits

  Free Setup

  No Monthly Rental

  Instant Activation

  Does Not Use Internet

  Compatible with Android / iPhones

  Premium Quality (TDM)

  Save upto 50% on bills

How to signup?

Once we receive your application, our support team will complete the service activation process in approximately 1 working day.

We need the following documents from your side:

  Application Form

  CR Copy

BM Grey pic

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Our Head Office is located at:
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