Business Mobile service allows the customer to use Viacloud as the default operator for making all international calls from smart phones. There are multiple ways to use this service:

  1. By dialling a toll free number prior to every call
  2. Saving the international numbers with a prefix
  3. Using our customized Mobile APP in iPhone and Android phones

By signing up for this service, we pre-authorize the mobile numbers in our system and then can using either of the options above, the customer can send their international calls to the Viacloud Network, where we use our premium quality interconnect to complete your calls internationally. Any international calls made from these numbers using the Mobile App will automatically be completed by Viacloud. You will be charged by Viacloud for the successful calls only. If required we can also provide an option to make local calls made from the mobile phones.

This means that there is no need to change your telephone numbers or to use any access numbers / PIN numbers to make international calls (With Mobile App). You can simply continue to use your mobile phones as usual. There is also no additional hardware required and no changes required in your SIM Card.

At the end of the month you will receive 2 bills, one from your mobile operator for the line rental (if post-paid) and the calls made through the mobile operator, and the second bill from Viacloud for the calls made using Viacloud Services

How to Download & Install Viacloud Mobile App :-

  1. Connect to the Internet through the Wi‐Fi network or 3G
  2. Go to Google Play Store(Android) or Apple Store(IOS)then Search for “Viacloud BusinessMobile” to install the application. (For IOS user please make sure your App store configuration is set to Bahrain store or else you will not be able to search for the application).
  3. The application now installed successfully on your device and will appear in your mobile desktop as shown.
  4. Run the application and press the activate button (no need for pin code)
  5. Now you can make international calls through the viacloud global network without incurring extra charges from Zain, Batelco and Viva by pressing the “make a call” button
  6. Press “OK” to import your contacts to this Application so you can immediately dial your destination through your contact list.
  7. Please enter your destination number or find your contact through the contact list. Press “call” to complete the call.

Key Features :-

  • NO INTERNET needed to make call.(Except for downloading App for first time)
  • 100% FREE – No Charges , No Activation fee, Hassel free usage of Viacloud Accounts in Bahrain.
  • No need to enter ACCESS NUMBER for each call
  • Numbers or Auth / PIN Codes in every call !
  • Call any international number directly from your KEYPAD or PHONE BOOK.
  • Get premuim quality at BEST RATES!

With the installation of this app: –

  • One time pin entry (Optional)
  • No extra configuration, easy to use
  • Any international call made will use the stored Viacloud Account automatically and calls can be made directly from your PhoneBook.
  • Enable / Disable option available
  • Eliminating the need of separate phone to make direct international calls with a cheaper rates
  • This app is sure to save you time and money, specially optimized for Viacloud Account users in Bahrain.For support, kindly call 6500 65 65 in Bahrain.