About Group

Viacloud started its journey in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2005 when the telecommunication market here, was just deregulated. Viacloud obtained the necessary licenses from the relevant telecom regulatory authorities in Kingdom of Bahrain in the name of Viacloud WLL as well as in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as Viacloud Jordan. Within a brief span of time, Viacloud WLL got hold of a major share of the voice services market in the Bahrain.

Along its proud passage through the past 9 years, Viacloud has introduced an awesome array of products in the category international calling services. The top tulips of the bouquet are Multiple Calling Cards, Call Shops, Calling Accounts, Voice-over-broadband and Corporate Calling Solutions.

Viacloud operations are overseen by a strong Board of Directors who founded Viacloud in the Kingdom in 2005 and has nurtured it all along through perpetual development of strategy and financial growth. With the vision of the Board of Directors, a very competent team of senior managers is there to drive the process on a daily basis.

The senior management team of Viacloud is an ensemble of proven performers in launching retail and wholesale telecom service offerings in the marketplace and escalating those to the level of market leadership, defying cut-throat competition.

Our CEO is Mr. Arun Mandhana with more than 20 years of telecommunication management experience and our Directors are Mr. Marwan Tabbara and Mr. Ahmed Alumran who are pioneers in Bahrain Telecommunication industry and also run multiple other diverse ventures across the middle east.